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Hefvijzels 5-10-20 ton

Reduced front profile which permits the insertion of the jack in very limited load spaces. This jack has a claw height of only 41 mm above ground level for lifting of loads from a very low height.

  • The claw is manufactured in high tensile steel sliding inside the jack and therefore perfectly guided, and with excellent resistance to off-centre loads.
  • Will lift 5 Tonnes on the head and on the claw.
  • Lateral stability is ensured by the sturdy extended base.
  • Easy application. This jack is very easy to use, even in heavy duty conditions because of the single mechanism operating both the pump and the release valve.
  • Built in relief valve and a mechanical stop to prevent overstroking of the piston.

Force: 5 t
Stroke: 175 mm
Load on the
Stroke Model Dimensions mm Weight
t t mm A B C Width Kg
5 5 175 UMS5N175 327 265 41 118 18

This jack, designed with a high safety factor to operate in heavy duty conditions, is made from steel without any aluminium components. It is widely used in the machinery moving, mining, ship repair and railway industries.



Power jack with adjustable lifting toe designed to lift large loads from very low positions.
They are provided with extendable bases for maximum stability. The lifting toe can be positioned at three different levels with only 25 mm minimum clearance needed. The head of the jack may also be used to lift vertically, or if the jack is turned onto its side it can be used for pushing.


Force: 10-25 t
Stroke: 150 mm
Max Working
Pushing Force Stroke Oil Volume Model Dimensions mm Weight
t/kN mm cm3 A B C D D1 E F H H1 H2 kg
10/111 150 238 UJ10 280 206 215 160 190 50 50 25 100 175 22
25/232 150 498 UJ20 314 271 290 230 265 70 70 30 110 190 45

Particularly suitable for lifting, moving and levelling of machinery and heavy equipment from a very low starting height.

Hand Pump model PL131 together with hose SN20M is the recommended pump and hose to operate the power jack UJ model.

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