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Universele krik Primus 5 ton (UMP)

Compact hydraulic lifter with integral hand pump and cylinder, manufactured from steel and aluminium. Due to its special rubber bladder type oil reservoir it can be used in any working position. A built in safety valve prevents overload. Supplied complete with a tread protection ring, lifting toe and pushing saddle as standard. You can lift the load on the head or on the lifting toe or on the foot (by using the accessories). The release valve handwheel allows the load to be lowered in a smooth controlled manner, suitable for use in temperatures ranging from –30 to +60° C.


Force: 5 t
Stroke: 150 mm
Stroke Lift per
handle stroke
Model Dimensions mm Weight
t mm mm N cm cubi A B C D E F G H I J L M O P kg
5 150 1,3 275 260 UMP5N150W 416 130 30 116 48 35 400 565 54 48 75 85 M32x2 20 9,3


The special design of the PRIMUSlifter, allows it to be used in any working position which gives this jack a very wide range of heavy duty field applications. Used widely in the mining, ship-buildings, railway and stell structural industries it is also suitable for use in rescue applications. The PRIMUS-lifter is an essential piece of equipment for any repair facility.


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